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Microbiologists Get In on The Third Reviewer Fun

DrdrA at Blue Lab Coats blogs that The Third Reviewer has added microbiology as its second discipline, and includes papers up for anonymous review from a "very small set of journals for now." In June, when the online "journal club" was launched and put neuroscience papers up for review, several bloggers contemplated which disciplines would be included in the initiative, and when. According to The Third Reviewer, users are more apt to comment on papers without "fear of reprisal" when the have the option to do so under a pseudonym.

Blogger Isis points out an example in which an actual reviewer of a manuscript commented on the published paper at The Third Reviewer. He or she "lists all of the specific problems with the manuscript that were not addressed by the authors in their original response to the reviewer's criticisms," Isis writes, calling the comment a "reminder to many that even though an article may make its way into the literature, it doesn't mean that everyone agrees with it."