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Many Buildings, Same Goal

Hospitals in New York City are vying to bring in researchers, physicians, and grant dollars to create centers to translate genomic and other basic research findings into the clinic, reports The Wall Street Journal. But, the paper adds, the "building spree" undertaken by Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center "is raising questions of whether there could be too many institutions chasing too few federal research dollars to fund operations in the buildings."

"The pot is only so big," Robert Roskoski Jr. tells the Journal. "A lot of people are working hard to get the grants, but they are all fighting for the same money."

Weill Cornell Medical College's Dean Laurie Glimcher says, though, that she isn't concerned about that. "Our goal isn't to compete with each other. Our goal is to cure disease," Glimcher says, adding that "you can't have too many" researchers.