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At some point, many graduate students consider changing labs, whether out of frustration or failure or some other issue, says Benchfly's Alan Marnett. Though many students wonder if they are the only ones taking this "nuclear option," and may be struggling with the potential consequences, Marnett says it's important to remember that changing labs isn't that uncommon. "For each student we saw that made the switch there were probably many more we didn't see that were considering it," he adds. In an ongoing Benchfly poll, 55 percent of respondents currently say that they had considered changing labs because of a conflict with a PI, 24 percent say it was because of a poor atmosphere around the lab, and 15 percent say it was because they were stuck on a "dead-end project." Every situation is different, Marnett says, but there are many reasons to leave a lab, and you're not the only one thinking about it.

The Scan

Pig Organ Transplants Considered

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US Food and Drug Administration may soon allow clinical trials that involve transplanting pig organs into humans.

'Poo-Bank' Proposal

Harvard Medical School researchers suggest people should bank stool samples when they are young to transplant when they later develop age-related diseases.

Spurred to Develop Again

New Scientist reports that researchers may have uncovered why about 60 percent of in vitro fertilization embryos stop developing.

Science Papers Examine Breast Milk Cell Populations, Cerebral Cortex Cellular Diversity, Micronesia Population History

In Science this week: unique cell populations found within breast milk, 100 transcriptionally distinct cell populations uncovered in the cerebral cortex, and more.