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The Joke-ome

Now, granted, microarray jokes aren't for everyone, but if you're an aficionado of biology humor you could do worse than swinging by science "news" site The Science Web.

Appearing mysteriously from out the mists of the Internet sometime late last month, the site, according to its tagline, is "putting the 'omic' into comical" with a series of Onion-style headlines aimed at the sequencing set. Written anonymously, it offers a satirical take on the current state of omics research from someone who has clearly put a fair bit of time into the field and who has clearly now had enough of it all.

For instance, from a few days back: "Genomics researchers astonished to learn microarrays still exist."

Or, heading a piece that will earn a nod of acknowledgment from anyone who's done time on biotech earnings calls: "DNA sequencing company announce totally predictable plans."

Or this, which, sadly, has a certain ring of truth to it: "Biotech companies with no product are worth more."

Laughing to keep from crying, people.