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Japanese Research Spending To Be (Re-)Reviewed

ScienceInsider reports that Japanese research institutes — among other government-funded organizations — will be targeted in a review next month by the Democratic Party in an effort to "identify wasteful government spending." Science reports that Yukio Edano, minister of administrative reform, says that "he and others in the party are not discounting the importance of science and technology, but they 'want to ensure that every single yen of tax money is being spent wisely.'" In November, Science reported that a task force recommended that the government streamline spending on various research projects, though the majority of the funding was eventually spared. Though Edano did not identify specific institutes that would face this new investigation, he did refer to organizations like the Japan Science and Technology Agency, which allocates grant funding and fosters technology transfers. Edano also didn't disclose whether the review will affect the fiscal 2010 or 2011 budgets, according to Science.

The Scan

Not Kept "Clean and Sanitary"

A Food and Drug Administration inspection uncovered problems with cross contamination at an Emergent BioSolutions facility, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Resumption Recommendation Expected

The Washington Post reports that US officials are expected to give the go-ahead to resume using Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Canada's New Budget on Science

Science writes that Canada's new budget includes funding for the life sciences, but not as much as hoped for investigator-driven research.

Nature Papers Examine Single-Cell, Multi-Omic SARS-CoV-2 Response; Flatfish Sequences; More

In Nature this week: single-cell, multi-omics analysis provides insight into COVID-19 pathogenesis, evolution of flatfish, and more.