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But Is It a "Google-Killer"?

Wolfram Alpha launched on Monday and tech-loving people have taken the time this week to check it out. Prior to the launch, CNET wrote about the hardware that the "computational knowledge engine" is built on, namely a system made by R Systems from Dell hardware, called R Smarr, that can perform 39.6 trillion mathematical operations per second. After the launch, CNET's Matt Asay didn't seem too impressed, saying that "the best software strategies are those that encourage outside contributions, rather than discourage it." Omics Omics' Keith Robison says he is "underwhelmed." Robison puts the engine through its paces, searching for trains between New York and Chicago, for the KRAS gene, for panda taxonomy, and more and he concludes, "I've thrown a bunch of queries at it, and have yet to find something really cool." The Financial Times' tech blog is similarly unimpressed, adding that "Google has nothing to be worried about."