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The Innovation Economy

Uncle Sam wants you… to share your thoughts and ideas on how the government can spur, nurture, and fuel a vibrant national "innovation ecosystem."

The Obama Administration is updating its Strategy for American Innovation plans, which guide its policies and initiatives related to innovation-based economic growth. The strategic planning covers ideas and initiatives involving R&D, the needs of the technical workforce, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization, and advanced manufacturing.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council crafted the initial strategy in 2009, updated it in 2011, and now wants to gather input for another incarnation.

The strategy divvies up the nation's innovation needs into three policy buckets: investments in the 'building blocks', including education, basic research, and infrastructure; promoting 'market-based' innovation through the R&D tax credit, intellectual property policies, and other means; and catalyzing breakthroughs for national priorities, such as clean energy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, educational and health IT, and space technologies.

The administration has laid out a number of broad and more specific questions, and respondents are free to address any or all of them.