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A Happy Sequencing Ending

By having their genomes sequenced, the health problems of a set of fraternal twins living near San Diego was solved, reports NBC 7. As toddlers, the twins were diagnosed first with cerebral palsy, and then with dopa-responsive dystonia. But then in 2009, both twins had additional health issues and that led to their parents to seek DNA testing for the family, NBC adds. The test found that in addition to having dopa-responsive dystonia, the twins also had a serotonin deficiency. With treatment, the twins are doing fine. Scripps Translational Research Institute's Eric Topol says one concern was that the source of the illness would be found, but that there would be no treatment. "So in the case of the Beerys', it was perfect," he tells NBC 7. "They found the mutation, found the right drug, found the right dose of the drug. It might not always have such a happy ending."

The Scan

WHO Seeks Booster Pause

According to CNN, the World Health Organization is calling for a moratorium on administering SARS-CoV-2 vaccine boosters until more of the world has received initial doses.

For Those Long Legs

With its genome sequence and subsequent RNAi analyses, researchers have examined the genes that give long legs to daddy longlegs, New Scientist says.

September Plans

The New York Times reports that the US Food and Drug Administration is aiming for early September for full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Nucleic Acids Research Papers on Targeting DNA Damage Response, TSMiner, VarSAn

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: genetic changes affecting DNA damage response inhibitor response, "time-series miner" approach, and more.