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Genomics' Hot Streak

Genomics is continuing its sizzling streak, according to a report on influential people in science pulled together by Thomson Reuters.

In a post at the Huffington Post, Christopher King from Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch says that of the 17 "hot" researchers — those with highly cited papers from just the last two years — a dozen are working in genomics.

The hot papers, the report notes, are in the top 0.1 percent of citations, and these on-fire researchers have many such highly cited papers.

Leading the pack is Stacey Gabriel from the Broad Institute, who counts 23 hot papers to her name. Gabriel contributed to a number of highly cited The Cancer Genome Atlas papers as well as to other cancer genomics and autism-related papers.

A number of her colleagues at the Broad are also on the list, including Matthew Meyerson, Gad Getz, and Kristin Ardlie, among others. Eric Lander also makes an appearance — his 10th time landing on the list — with 20 steamy papers.

Washington University in St. Louis' Richard Wilson, who also contributed to TCGA papers, leads that institution's showing with his return to the list with 21 hot papers, and Elaine Mardis is right on his heels with 20 hot papers, followed closely by Li Ding and Robert Fulton.

Brandeis University's Andrey Sivachenko is also lauded for his 17 highly cited genomics papers.

A number of materials scientists and a cardiologist studying warfarin and aspirin use in heart failure patients round out the non-genomic members of the hot list. Thomson Reuters also gives an honorable mention to the Higgs boson researchers.