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Genome, Jay; Jay, Genome

According to this article in Forbes, Jay Flatley told analysts at an investor conference, "We'd like to give all of you an opportunity to meet your genome." The article details some of Illumina's plans going forward, but it seems the real excitement was when Flatley revealed some details about Illumina's partnership with startup 23andMe. While 23andMe's business model is still unclear, it seems to be focused on genotyping for the consumer market -- a sector that Illumina predicts will be worth $1.5 billion in several years.


The Scan

mRNA-Based Vaccine on the Way in China

China may soon have its own mRNA-based vaccine, according to Nature News.

Arranged Killing, Fraud Alleged by Prosecutors

The Wall Street Journal reports that prosecutors allege that the co-founder of a biotech arranged to have a business associate who threatened to expose him as a fraud killed.

Whirlwind Decade of CRISPR

The New York Times looks back at the 10 years since the University of California, Berkeley's Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues published their CRISPR paper.

PNAS Papers on Blue Cone Monochromacy Structural Variants, HIV-1 Mutant, T-ALL

In PNAS this week: structural variants linked to blue cone monochromacy, HIV-1 variants affecting the matrix protein p17, and more.