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Fight For Your Right to Research

As scientists in the UK face potential budget cuts of nearly £1 billion — which the Guardian says "would entail the loss of significant numbers of postgraduate and post-doctoral researchers, creating a 'lost generation' of scientists and engineers and draining innovation from the economy" — former Liberal Democrat spokesman Evan Harris says that "scientists must fight for their funding." He writes that "cuts to science do not just mean a hiatus in some experiments: they force highly qualified individuals to go abroad or leave research." If forced to leave science, he continues, "the nature and speed of global research is such that these people will not be able to resume their careers a few years later when investment picks up again." This, Harris says, will have resounding impacts as the UK's top competitors "are increasing, not cutting, their investment in science and technology as a key part of the return to growth ... over both the short and medium term."