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Fear Not, It's Only a Diploid Genome

J. Craig has officially released a full analysis of his genome, the first ever of a diploid human. Today's PLoS Biology paper reveals that there is much more variation in his genome than previously thought, especially in non-SNP alterations. The paper reports that non-SNP DNA variation accounts for 22 percent of all events identified in the donor, and involve 74 percent of all variant bases. (Hey, we always knew he was different.) The New York Times reports that "Dr. Venter's genome could be the gold standard for many years, especially if he continues to improve it," and a handful of positive comments have been collected at the Eye on DNA blog.

"With this publication we have shown that human-to-human variation is five- to seven-fold greater than earlier estimates, proving that we are in fact more unique at the individual genetic level than we thought," Venter says in one of the quotes. "We don't need to fear our genetic codes. They are not life or death sentences."


The Scan

Could Cost Billions

NBC News reports that the new Alzheimer's disease drug from Biogen could cost Medicare in the US billions of dollars.

Not Quite Sent

The Biden Administration likely won't meet its goal of sending 80 million SARS-CoV-2 vaccine doses abroad by the end of the month, according to the Washington Post.

DTC Regulation Proposals

A new report calls on UK policymakers to review direct-to-consumer genetic testing regulations, the Independent reports.

PNAS Papers on Mosquito MicroRNAs, Acute Kidney Injury, Trichothiodystrophy

In PNAS this week: microRNAs involved in Aedes aegypti reproduction, proximal tubule cell response to kidney injury, and more.