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Epigenomics, Abridged

Mother Jones' Joe Kloc this week presents his "illustrated guide to epigenetics" — four figures are paired with explanatory text that describes the processes of methylation and histone modification for a lay audience. Kloc explains epigenetics by answering his own straightforward questions, such as "How can different types of epigenomes develop from the same genome?" and "Why do scientists care?" He says that if the genome is a "how-to manual that contains instructions for every possible task required for a complex living creature to survive," then the epigenome "tells each cell which part of the manual to read."

The Scan

Not Kept "Clean and Sanitary"

A Food and Drug Administration inspection uncovered problems with cross contamination at an Emergent BioSolutions facility, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Resumption Recommendation Expected

The Washington Post reports that US officials are expected to give the go-ahead to resume using Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Canada's New Budget on Science

Science writes that Canada's new budget includes funding for the life sciences, but not as much as hoped for investigator-driven research.

Nature Papers Examine Single-Cell, Multi-Omic SARS-CoV-2 Response; Flatfish Sequences; More

In Nature this week: single-cell, multi-omics analysis provides insight into COVID-19 pathogenesis, evolution of flatfish, and more.