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23andMe, meet Madison Avenue.

The direct-to-consumer genetics firm is, indeed, taking its pitch directly to consumers, announcing this week the launch of its first television ad campaign.

Titled "Portraits of Health," the campaign — slated to run mainly on cable — features actors "discussing their real 23andMe results" and "what they learned about their health by exploring their DNA," the company said.

Having watched one of the new ads here, we'd say another equally apt description might be: A minute or so of pleasantly attractive people suggesting there's probably something wrong with you.

23andMe hired ad firm Arnold Worldwide to create the campaign and says it expects to spend up to $5 million in ad buys in 2013, with "additional investment planned for 2014."

Those not content with the commercial itself can also view a "behind the scenes" video here. It's sort of like an episode of Mad Men, only with more genetics and less smoking.