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A Conversation Piece at the Least

A Dutch design studio is putting on an exhibition of DNA-inspired furniture and jewelry, Wired reports. The studio, called Tjep., is working in conjunction with Eric Wolthuis at DutchDNA to obtain genetic profiles which they then map using 3D imaging and turn into a furniture design that "literally capture a person's essence and stand as unique pieces of art," Wired says.

Frank Tjepkema from Tjep. starts with saliva sample that is analyzed at 16 variable markers that he feeds into a design program he created to develop a visual depiction of the DNA pattern, Wired writes. Both a 3D and 2D image of the DNA is used to inform his design of the piece.

"When I was asked to work with an abstract series of numbers I was thrown back into a world without cultural references and this was actually quite liberating," Tjepkema tells Wired. "I had an excuse to make something abstract within a given conceptual framework. The resulting designs are either completely abstract, in which case the data itself was source of inspiration or a combination of a symbolic reference."

NPR's The Two-Way adds that Tjep. is to exhibit this line in Milan, Italy, later this month and after then, it will be taking commissioned projects. "[I]f Ikea isn't cutting it and you want a genetically inspired bed, table or desk, this is your chance," NPR adds. Prices, it notes, have not been set.