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A Chocolate Cake a Day Based on Your Ts, Cs, Gs, and As

Genomics may not have truly hit the mainstream yet, but never fear -- scams based on supposed genomic discoveries already seem to abound, according to an article in the Guardian. The story reports on companies offering custom diets to people based on their specific genetic variation, saying that people may be able to avoid problems they're genetically susceptible to with these special diet plans.

The trend has led to a formal inquiry funded by the Wellcome Trust to look into the practice, which claims to be based on nutrigenomic studies. According to the Guardian, "The inquiry will suggest whether regulation is needed to prevent companies publishing misleading nutrigenomic health claims."

Here at the Genome Technology Daily Scan, we sure hope that the claims are entirely true. We're looking for any evidence available that a steady diet of chocolate and Brie will prevent a genetic predisposition to gray hair.

The Scan

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