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The Case of the Doggy Poo

To solve the mystery of which dog is been leaving its poop behind a luxury building's hall, a condo board in Baltimore proposed that every dog living in the complex would have its DNA tested, reports the Baltimore Sun. Steve Frans, the board member came up with the idea of testing the droppings' DNA, tells the paper: "We pay all this money, and we're walking around stepping in dog poop. ... Some people think it's funny. But you know, this seems to be a reasonable, objective way to say, 'This is your poop, you're responsible.'" The proposal was discussed at a board meeting last week, but according Richard Hopp, a building resident, it didn't pass muster. "The condo board decided that the doggy-doo DNA testing idea just didn't smell quite right. They decided to table the whole idea and come up with another idea that is 'realistic and acceptable,'" Hopp wrote.

(HT: Washington Post)