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Tips for Telephone Interviews

At the ACS Careers blog, consultant Lisa Balbes shares her tips for successful phone interviews. Before the interview, she says, it's essential that candidates get to know the company they are interviewing for by reading "as much as possible on their Web site" and asking around to "find out about both typical projects and the culture" there. Balbes suggests that at the beginning of the conversation, candidates should ask the interviewer for his or her full name and phone number so that in the event they are disconnected, it'd be simple to get back in touch. She also says candidates ought to keep a copy of their résumés handy so as to point out "specific examples of your most significant accomplishments so far in your career." Balbes also says it's important that candidates have questions prepared so as to "show interest and enthusiasm" in the position. At the end of the interview, after having thanked the interviewer for his or her time, candidates should confirm the company's next steps. "Make sure you know approximately how long it will take them to make their decision," Balbes says, adding that, as with any other interview, candidates should also be sure to send a thank-you note, though "for a phone interview, a quick email is probably sufficient."