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A Pause to Plan

Over at Fumbling Towards Tenure, Dr. Becca writes that as a new professor, things can change very quickly, much like being the parent of a newborn. "There are major milestones, and there are days when everything seems to regress," she writes. "Most of the time, you look back and wonder how your child/lab ever used to take the form it did not even all that long ago."

Her lab, she notes, has gotten off the ground as she's written a number of grants and a review paper, as well as taught undergraduate classes. But now, she adds, she has to get published and, importantly, raise her profile.

"I'm pretty sure a lot of my future success is going to depend on whether people remember my name when they review my grant applications and manuscripts and put together symposia panels," Dr. Becca writes. "To this end, I am really kicking the networking up a notch. Being brave, talking to the fancy pants people at meetings if I have the opportunity; forging new collaborations, and following up on interactions.

She adds, though, that it's not only about talking to "fancy pants people" but also developing relationships with researchers who are just a step or two ahead of her. They, Dr. Becca says, have figured out how to get their acts together and now have a "magical combination of sympathy and wisdom."