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NIH Took Note

In early January, in response to a comment posted to DrugMonkey's blog, researcher-bloggers suggested that the National Institutes of Health take a tip from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research's CV format. The Canadian format includes a designated place for grant applicants to list any expected interruptions or delays to their work. In an NIH notice posted this week, the agency announces a modification to its biographical sketch format — applicants are now able to list any potential disruptions to their research programs within their personal statements. In response to this change, DrugMonkey says "Thank you, NIH! This is a very nice step to help those, generally women, who have had the … gall to let actual life get in the way of their scientific careers." Commenters at this blog also welcome the change, though some are cautious. Dr. O says that NIH's biosketch modification is "definitely a step in the right direction," while studyzone is wary of the potential that some might misuse the information an investigator now has the option to include.