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Narrow it Down

At her blog this week, Dr. 29 says "choosing what to study during my PhD was a multi-factorial decision" that she made once she had gained some experience in different departments. Dr. 29 says she chose the lab she did because "I noticed that their area of research and the tools they employed were very interesting," and she also "liked the approach they were using, having just learned about it the previous summer." Overall, she adds, "I think it was a combination of finding two things I liked, which drove me to choose a lab where I could learn about the topic and approach in more detail. … The perfect combination of topic and technique were what drove me to decide." For others who face similar decisions, Dr. 29 suggests that they first identify a topic or technique they're drawn to, and then "study the prospects of this job — feasibility, how much you can get accomplished in however long you have in school, et cetera — and commit to it." If during the course of the project "you hit a wall … don't be afraid to re-evaluate your project and its future," she adds.