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The MS Pit Stop on the PhD Path

Blogger Science Professor says that the question of whether to earn an MS before, or while, pursuing a PhD is one that she fields often. In general, she says, the question is "impossible … to answer, because the 'right' answer will vary." It depends on the goals and skills of the individual, the field, and the program's perceptions of the two degrees. "Some graduate programs view the MS as a consolation prize for failed PhDs; others require the MS as a useful 'weed out' step on the way to the PhD," she says. For careers in industry, government, and education, among others, Science Professor says that a master's degree is "certainly" useful.

In a comment to this post, Psyc Girl says that in her department, "when someone applies to our graduate program with an MA/MS I would say it is sometimes considered an unofficial black mark." However, in another comment, GMP says that in her discipline, a master's degree, she adds, can "bump one's employability and salary and is probably a better value for many industry-minded students than a PhD." Finally, Prof-like Substance views an MS as a trainee's "first real intro to what being a scientist is all about," he says. "For the MS students I have either directly or co-supervised, nearly all of them use it as a solid foundation for considering what they 'really' want to do and often feel the experience was instrumental in focusing them on their future goals, be it in a PhD program or elsewhere."

The Scan

Octopus Brain Complexity Linked to MicroRNA Expansions

Investigators saw microRNA gene expansions coinciding with complex brains when they analyzed certain cephalopod transcriptomes, as they report in Science Advances.

Study Tracks Outcomes in Children Born to Zika Virus-Infected Mothers

By following pregnancy outcomes for women with RT-PCR-confirmed Zika virus infections, researchers saw in Lancet Regional Health congenital abnormalities in roughly one-third of live-born children.

Team Presents Benchmark Study of RNA Classification Tools

With more than 135 transcriptomic datasets, researchers tested two dozen coding and non-coding RNA classification tools, establishing a set of potentially misclassified transcripts, as they report in Nucleic Acids Research.

Breast Cancer Risk Related to Pathogenic BRCA1 Mutation May Be Modified by Repeats

Several variable number tandem repeats appear to impact breast cancer risk and age at diagnosis in almost 350 individuals carrying a risky Ashkenazi Jewish BRCA1 founder mutation.