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CAREERS: Getting Where You Want to Go

Looking for a job in industry? Travis at Bitesize Bio shares advice on landing an industry job in a new location. Having a non-local address on your CV can be a major hurdle, he notes, even when you're willing to pay for the cost of moving yourself. "In this job market, it can be very difficult to get companies to agree to meet with you if you live elsewhere, even if you are willing to bear the burden yourself," he writes. Your best bet may be to remove your address from the CV entirely, he suggests -- that "will help ensure your background is reviewed instead of being screened out due to the address line on your resume," he adds. "Once you are past the first hurdle, how you handle this in a phone screen or interview is crucial. Tell the employer that you are definitely relocating yourself to the area; you are just looking for the right position, and you do not expect any relocation assistance."

Of course, if we all had personal flying suits, maybe none of this would be an issue.