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In Defense of the Academy

Oscillary Thoughts' Bradley Voytek this week names "five reasons to love academia." Though he constructs his list as satire, Voytek says that "in all seriousness … I really do love this job."

First, Voytek says the ivory tower affords a favorable, flexible schedule. "Academia's not a 9-to-5, cubicle slave job! We didn't go to school for 20[-plus] years to work a measly eight hours per day for 40 hours a week," he jokes. And while PhD stipends and postdoc salaries don't always make up for the late nights-and-weekends lab schedule, "we academics eschew time, family, and money for a higher purpose! We are adding to humanity's knowledge — one tiny nudge at a time," Voytek writes, playfully. "Because someday, you too get to review scientific manuscripts and help build upon the foundations of progress," he adds. Finally, he says, academics enjoy the privilege of "educating young minds." While dealing with students can at times be tough, Voytek says "as academics we are privileged with the highest of honors of educating tomorrow's thought-leaders!"

HT: @bradleyvoytek