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The Best and the Worst

At the Academic Women for Equality Now! blog, Pascale Lane has the 10 best and 10 worst medical schools for women in faculty positions, culled from data from US News & World Report. Of the top 10, San Juan Bautista exceeded the average of women in faculty positions in all categories — dean, departmental, full professor, and overall scores. Two historically African-American institutions also scored well — Morehouse ranked third and Meharry ranked eighth. The largest school in the top 10 group, University of Wisconsin, ranked ninth overall. On the list of the bottom 10 schools for women in faculty positions, the University of Nebraska Medical Center ranked worst in the survey, though Lane says the school may have hurt its ranking by not reporting complete data. Harvard, US News & World Report's overall top-ranked College of Medicine, ranked ninth worst in terms of female faculty. "Examining [Harvard's] actual gradecard reveals a score for decanal positions at the national average, but lower scores for departmental leadership and full professors," Lane adds.

HT: Dr. Isis