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Apparently Eve Liked Her Men Younger. 50,000 Years Younger

It probably doesn't help public confusion in the creation/evolution debate that scientists adopted the names Adam and Eve to describe the contributors of the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA, respectively, to the human genome. In this blog post on The Questionable Authority, Mike Dunford takes a swing at clearing up what scientists mean when they talk about "mitochondrial Eve" and "Y-chromosome Adam," who, according to current estimates, lived about 50,000 years apart. The post is long, but it's worth a read -- if only for good ammunition next time Aunt Polly tries to tell you that even science supports all mankind descending from a couple called Adam and Eve.


The Scan

And Back

The New York Times reports that missing SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences are back in a different database.

Lacks Family Hires Attorney

A lawyer for the family of Henrietta Lacks plans to seek compensation from pharmaceutical companies that have used her cancer cells in product development, the Baltimore Sun reports.

For the Unknown

The Associated Press reports that family members are calling on the US military to use new DNA analysis techniques to identify unknown sailors and Marines who were on the USS Arizona.

PLOS Papers on Congenital Heart Disease, COVID-19 Infection Host MicroRNAs, Multiple Malformation Mutations

In PLOS this week: new genes linked to congenital heart disease, microRNAs with altered expression in COVID-19, and more.