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An App for Your Genome

An article in the UK’s Times Online looks into the personal genetic testing business, saying that a lot of the promise it held a year and a half ago has been “postponed.” “The fledgeling industry’s struggles to take wing have brought comparisons with the dot-com bubble of a decade ago,” the article begins and then delves into the various approaches the different companies are taking. In it (as well as on his own blog), Daniel MacArthur says that the big market for these companies might be further down the road when their data interpretation skills become in demand. Also, Dan Vorhaus from Genomics Law Report envisions an IPhone-like future. “It’ll be rather like iPhone apps, where you subscribe to services that slice and dice your data in different ways,” he says. “A company like 23andMe does a really good job of making genomic information really accessible and understandable for consumers. You’ll take your genome to them and they’ll add the apps that make it talk.”