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The film "Creation", that portrays Charles Darwin's life, opened the Toronto Film Festival last week. At his blog, Roger Ebert says "it is primarily about his domestic life, centering on Down House, Bromley, where he and his wife Emma lived from 1842 until his death in 1882." Ebert notes that during the screening that many viewers walked out, but that he does not know why. According to the UK's Telegraph, the movie has yet to find a US distributor. "It has got a deal everywhere else in the world but in the US, and it's because of what the film is about," says the film's producer, Jeremy Thomas. At Panda's Thumb Eugenie Scott, the director of the National Center for Science Education, adds, "I believe it to be a thoughtful, well-made film that will change many views of Darwin held by the public—for the good."