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United States of America, PerkinElmer, Affymetrix, Aviva Biosciences

The United States of America has received European Patent No. 1778881, "Resequencing pathogen microarray." The patent describes a method of pathogen identification by use of DNA resequencing microarrays. It also claims resequencing microarray chips for differential diagnosis and serotyping of pathogens present in a biological sample. Additionally, the patent also claims a computer-implemented biological sequence identifier system and a method for selecting a subsequence from biological sequence data according to at least one selection parameter where the parameter corresponds to a likelihood of returning a meaningful result from a similarity search. 

PerkinElmer has received US Patent No. 7,214,347, "Printhead mounting system for a microarray spotting instrument." The patent claims a printhead-mounting system for a device that dispenses many small drops of liquid on a workpiece at the same time, particularly via a microarray spotting instrument for hybridization in which the liquid is dispensed into wells. The mounting system works by positively locating the printhead with respect to the instrument and to workpieces in six degrees of freedom with high repeatability when the printhead is removed and replaced. The system can be used with different types of pins or other dispensers for use in providing liquids to a surface, according to the patent.

Affymetrix has received US Patent No. 7,214,490, "Method of target enrichment and amplification." The patent claims methods and kits for amplifying a target sequence from within a nucleic acid population. The patent also claims selection probes that are complementary to at least a portion of a target sequence and mechanisms for adding a probe sequence to the 3' end of a target sequence that is hybridized to a selection probe. The added 3' probe sequence and a probe sequence added at the 5' end of the target by adaptor ligation allow for selective amplification of the target sequence, the patent's abstract states.
Affymetrix has also received US Patent No. 7,215,804, "Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database." The patent claims a system and method for organizing information relating to polymer probe array chips including oligonucleotide array chips. A database model is provided which organizes information relating to sample preparation, chip layout, application of samples to chips, scanning of chips, and expression analysis of chip results. The model is translatable into database languages such as SQL. The database model scales to permit mass processing of probe array chips, the patent's abstract states.

Aviva Biosciences of San Diego has received US Patent No. 7,214,427, "Composite beads comprising magnetizable substance and electro-conductive substance." The patent relates generally to the field of moiety or molecule isolation, detection and manipulation, and library synthesis. In particular, the patent provides a bead that comprises a magnetizable substance and an electrically conductive substance or an optical labeling substance. Methods and kits for isolating, detecting, and manipulating moieties and synthesizing libraries using the beads are also provided.