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Surface Logix, Maven Technologies, BioMerieux


Surface Logix of Brighton, Mass., has received US Patent No. 7,001,740, "Methods of arraying biological materials using peelable and resealable devices." The patent claims devices and methods for performing assays on biological materials. The devices and methods make use of self-sealing members, which can be applied to a flat surface to form wells to facilitate immobilization of materials on the flat surface, then removed to yield a flat surface that facilitates the performance of processes on and detection of the immobilized material, according to the patent's abstract. According to the patent, the devices that make use of these methods may include spatial arrays and microtiter plates.

Maven Technologies of Los Angeles, has received US Patent No. 7,002,686, "Apparatus and method for imaging." The patent claims a microarray that is useful in applications that utilize local polarization changes detected in respective parts of an emerging light beam. The patent claims this augments the methods described in US Patent No. 5,633,724, "Evanescent scanning of biochemical array", assigned to Hewlett-Packard, which describes the readout of a biochemical array using the evanescent field, and using the evanescent field to excite fluorescent markers attached to the substances to be detected and analyzed.

BioMerieux of Marcy L'Etoile, France, has received US Patent No. 7,001,572, "Analyzing device with biochip." The patent claims a device for an analyte, comprising a container and a biochip that are attached at least one section. The patent's abstract states further claims that the biochip is fixed by adhesive to the container in a way that the peripheral zone of the active face of the biochip is exposed.

The Scan

Review of Approval Process

Stat News reports the Department for Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General is to investigate FDA's approval of Biogen's Alzheimer's disease drug.

Not Quite Right

A new analysis has found hundreds of studies with incorrect nucleotide sequences reported in their methods, according to Nature News.

CRISPR and mRNA Together

Time magazine reports on the use of mRNA to deliver CRISPR machinery.

Nature Papers Present Smartphone Platform for DNA Diagnosis of Malaria, Mouse Lines for Epigenomic Editing

In Nature this week: a low-cost tool to detect infectious diseases like malaria, and more.