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QArrayLite and QArrayMini, GeneLinker Gold version 1.1 and Biomax Gene Expression Analysis Suite


Genetix Group of New Milton, UK, has introduced two new microarraying products, QArrayLite and QArrayMini. QArrayLite can hold 90 slides and load 28 DNA samples per second. The arrayer has a vacuum slide holding system designed for easily loading and unloading glass slides. While QArrayLite is targeted at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, QArrayMini, a smaller benchtop arrayer, is aimed at academic markets. Both include data tracking and database management software.


Molecular Mining has released GeneLinker Gold version 1.1 Gene Expression Analysis Software. The software includes analysis and visualization tools for gene expression data analysis. This version includes principle components analysis (PCA) and self organizing maps (SOMs) in addition to data importation, on-line help, and visualization tools introduced in version 1.0.

The program is designed for entry-level users of gene expression analysis software, the company said. Users receive a license in perpetuity, including free software upgrades and tech support for up to a year. Upgrades are not free, but the company will offer them to users at a discount.


Biomax Informatics of Martinsreid, Germany, has introduced the Biomax Gene Expression Analysis Suite Software for Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression Data. The software uses gene annotation to analyze data sets and performs clustering analysis. For each cluster, it displays expression information and provides links to proteins associated with each genes. The software also constructs pathway models and protein interaction networks for genes of interest. In this way, the software is designed to enable users to pinpoint groups of co-expressed genes and to predict protein interactions as well.

The suite is constructed on a client-server platform. The server can run on Linux or other Unix operating systems. The client can operate on Windows and Macintosh systems.


The Scan

Driving Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes Down

Researchers from the UK and Italy have tested a gene drive for mosquitoes to limit the spread of malaria, NPR reports.

Office Space to Lab Space

The New York Times writes that some empty office spaces are transforming into lab spaces.

Prion Pause to Investigate

Science reports that a moratorium on prion research has been imposed at French public research institutions.

Genome Research Papers on Gut Microbe Antibiotic Response, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Clues to Metabolism, More

In Genome Research this week: gut microbial response to antibiotic treatment, approach to gauge metabolic features from single-cell RNA sequencing, and more.