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In Print: Last Week's Microarray Papers of Note: Jan 14, 2014


MACRO: a combined microchip-PCR and microarray system for high-throughput monitoring of genetically modified organisms.
Anal Chem. 2014 Jan 9. [Epub ahead of print]
Shao N, et al.

The authors describe a developed a multiplex system for GMO monitoring. It consists of a microchip for multiplex amplification and a microarray for the readout of multiple amplicons, and contains a total of 91 targets covering 97 percent of all GM events that have been commercialized up to 2012.

The gene family of dehydration responsive element-binding transcription factors in grape (Vitis vinifera): genome-wide identification and analysis, expression profiles, and involvement in abiotic stress resistance.
Mol Biol Rep. 2014 Jan 9. [Epub ahead of print]
Zhao T, et al.

The authors used microarrays to profile gene expression changes in dehydration responsive element-binding proteins, which "play a critical role in plant development and abiotic stress-mediated gene expression" and represent "one of the most attractive regulons for breeding programs."

Development of a microarray for two rice subspecies: characterization and validation of gene expression in rice tissues.
BMC Res Notes. 2014 Jan 8;7(1):15.
Chen J, et al.

The authors report on the development of the rice Phalanx OneArray 22K microarray platform, which they claim is suitable for two major rice subspecies, japonica and indica.

Development of a multiplexed bead-based suspension array for the detection and discrimination of pospiviroid plant pathogens.
PLoS One. 2014 Jan 3;9(1):e84743.
Van Brunschot S, et al.

The authors describe the development of a multiplexed diagnostic method for the detection and identification of all nine currently recognized pospiviroid species in one assay using Luminex bead-based suspension array technology. The resulting 11-plex Luminex MagPlex-TAG pospiviroid array was shown to be 100 specific, sensitive, and reproducible in an accompanying validation study.

The Scan

Genes Linked to White-Tailed Jackrabbits' Winter Coat Color Change

Climate change, the researchers noted in Science, may lead to camouflage mismatch and increase predation of white-tailed jackrabbits.

Adenine Base Editor Targets SCID Mutation in New Study

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, report in Cell that adenine base editing was able to produce functional T lymphocytes in a model of severe combined immune deficiency.

Researchers Find Gene Affecting Alkaline Sensitivity in Plants

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science have found a locus affecting alkaline-salinity sensitivity, which could aid in efforts to improve crop productivity, as they report in Science.

International Team Proposes Checklist for Returning Genomic Research Results

Researchers in the European Journal of Human Genetics present a checklist to guide the return of genomic research results to study participants.