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PerkinElmer, BioDiscovery, Illumina

PerkinElmer this week launched its Spectral Genomics Array CGH Platform for comparative genomic hybridization studies. PE acquired the underlying technology for the platform from Spectral Genomics in April 2006 (see story, this issue).
The system includes the SpectralChip 2600 array, a bacterial artificial chromosome chip for genome profiling, as well as the Constitution Chip 3.0 for investigational use in cytogenetics. The Constitution Chip covers 42 disorders and 41 subtelomeric regions, PE said.
PE’s CGH platform is rounded out by the ScanArray System, labeling reagents and SpectralWare Analysis Software.

BioDiscovery this week released a new array comparative genomic hybridization module for its Imagene 7.0 software. Imagene can now provide array-based DNA copy number analysis and visualization of DNA gains and losses.
According to BioDiscovery, its aCGH module features a statistical algorithm based on the circular binary segmentation approach and “eliminates the need for knowledge of advanced scripting languages or statistical settings.”

Bioconductor 1.9 is available here. The release includes 26 new packages and improvements to existing packages. Bioconductor 1.9 is compatible with R 2.4.0.
New packages include ABarray for QA and statistical data analysis for the Applied Biosystems array platform, beadarraySNP for normalizing and reporting Illumina SNP bead arrays, iSNetwork for interactive network plots, sigPathway for pathway analysis, and pcaMethods, which is a collection of methods for principal components analysis.

The Scan

US Booster Eligibility Decision

The US CDC director recommends that people at high risk of developing COVID-19 due to their jobs also be eligible for COVID-19 boosters, in addition to those 65 years old and older or with underlying medical conditions.

Arizona Bill Before Judge

The Arizona Daily Star reports that a judge is weighing whether a new Arizona law restricting abortion due to genetic conditions is a ban or a restriction.

Additional Genes

Wales is rolling out new genetic testing service for cancer patients, according to BBC News.

Science Papers Examine State of Human Genomic Research, Single-Cell Protein Quantification

In Science this week: a number of editorials and policy reports discuss advances in human genomic research, and more.