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PATENT WATCH: Jun 15, 2001


Nanogen has received a patent, number 6,245,508, relating to methods for using its electronic microarray technology for DNA fingerprinting. The patent claims cover methods for DNA fingerprinting using electronically addressable arrays. Nanogen said the claims describe applications of electronic stringency control to manipulate DNA samples and to electronically discriminate between varying lengths of DNA fragments. This information can be useful in instances where the source of DNA is to be determined, such as in paternity and forensic analyses, the company said. This is Nanogen’s twenty-fourth US patent.

Agilent Technologies has received a patent, number 6,240,790, for an invention designed to enable the analysis of small, macromolecular and other solutes in the liquid phase. The invention describes a high-throughput sample processing and analysis device for parallel processing and the analysis of multiple samples.

Phylos has received a patent, number 6,214,553, for its Profusion technology, which enables the construction of protein-encoding RNA libraries. Phylos uses the technology to display proteins derived from a variety of libraries and then applies a human protein scaffold, producing large numbers of high-affinity, target-specific molecules that mimic antibodies.