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Oxford Gene Technology, Agilent Technologies, FujiFilm Dimatix, Genedata, Affymetrix

Oxford Gene Technology Appointed Agilent Certified Service Provider
Agilent Technologies has appointed Oxford Gene Technology as a certified service provider for its microarray products in Europe, the firms announced this week.
Oxford, UK-based OGT said it gained certification after completing "several successful projects," such as transcription profiling of sequenced microorganisms and array-based comparative genomic hybridization experiments.
In early 2007, the firms inked an agreement that gave OGT access to Agilent’s microarray platform and made Agilent an OEM supplier of OGT-designed microarrays.
OGT was founded in 1995 to protect the patent estate of microarray inventor Sir Edwin Southern. In 2004, it began developing customized arrays for researchers around the world.

Agilent to Use FujiFilm Inkjet Printing Technology in Upcoming Life Science Platform
Agilent Technologies will use inkjet technology from FujiFilm Dimatix in its life sciences applications to more efficiently target and analyze sequences of genetic material, FujiFilm said last week.
Under a collaboration, the companies are working together to incorporate Dimatix Materials Cartridge into Agilent applications.
FujiFilm said its Shaped Piezo Silicon micro-electromechanical systems technique enables it to make printheads that are capable of jetting fluids with droplet sizes as small as 10 picoliters and even droplets containing less than 1 picoliter.
The precision and flexibility of the FujiFilm inkjet platform “figured prominently in our decision to base Agilent's SurePrint inkjet technology on FujiFilm Dimatix inkjet technologies, and also to use their products as the basis for a major new product platform we plan to launch later this year,” Bill Peck, senior engineer and a project manager for Agilent, said in a statement.
Financial terms of the agreement were not released.

Genedata Extends Support of Affy Platform to Exon Arrays
Genedata said last week that its Expressionist biomarker-discovery software has gained Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible status for exon expression applications.
A company spokesman said that Expressionist was previously compatible only with Affy’s expression arrays. He said that expanding support to exon expression analysis required file format changes as well as additional “data hierarchy” capabilities because each gene may have multiple exons that each have multiple probes.
In addition, he said that data volumes for the exon arrays are larger than expression arrays, because they contain 1.4 million probe sets instead of 500,000.
Expressionist includes a Refiner Array module for quality assessment and processing of GeneChip exon data, Genedata said.

The Scan

Study Reveals Details of SARS-CoV-2 Spread Across Brazil

A genomic analysis in Nature Microbiology explores how SARS-CoV-2 spread into, across, and from Brazil.

New Study Highlights Utility of Mutation Testing in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Genetic mutations in BRAF and RAS are associated with patient outcomes in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma, a new JCO Precision Oncology study reports.

Study Points to Increased Risk of Dangerous Blood Clots in COVID-19 Patients

An analysis in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that even mild COVID-19 increases risk of venous thromboembolism.

Y Chromosome Study Reveals Details on Timing of Human Settlement in Americas

A Y chromosome-based analysis suggests South America may have first been settled more than 18,000 years ago, according to a new PLOS One study.