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Oligos Etc., Hitachi Software Engineering, Applera, Genset


Oligos Etc. of Wilsonville, Oregon has received US Patent No. 6,562,569, “Arrays with modified oligonucleotide and polynucleotide compositions.” The patent covers methods and compositions of arrays with modified oligonucleotides that bind either DNA or RNA. The arrays either have increased binding affinity with complementary RNA, or exhibit acid resistance, enabling treatment with low pH solutions. They can also be resistant to nuclease degradation.

Hitachi Software Engineering has received US Patent 6,563,584, “Method and device for fluorescence measurement.” The patent covers the use of a continuous-wave laser as an excitation light source for detection. In the invention, he sample is irradiated with the light from the light source, then is transported to the optical axis of a fluorescent detector.

Applera has received US Patent No. 6,562,593, “Isolated human transporter proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter proteins, and uses thereof.” The patent describes transporter peptides encoded by specific human genes, and, in particular, isolated nucleic acid and peptide molecules as well as methods for identifying both orthologs and paralogs of these transporter peptides as well as methods of identifying transporter peptide modulators.

Genset has been awarded US Patent No. 6,559,294 , “Chlamydia pneumoniae polynucleotides and uses thereof.” The patent covers the nucleic acid sequences that encode the Chlamydia pheumoniae peptides, including cellular envelope polypeptides. It also covers antisense and ribozyme molecules that are the transcription products of this organism’s genome, and which can be used to control its growth. Additionally, the invention provides for methods of detecting the nucleic acids and kits for diagnosing infection with this organism, as well as kits for selecting compounds that can modulate infection with this bacterium.

The Scan

Billions for Antivirals

The US is putting $3.2 billion toward a program to develop antivirals to treat COVID-19 in its early stages, the Wall Street Journal reports.

NFT of the Web

Tim Berners-Lee, who developed the World Wide Web, is auctioning its original source code as a non-fungible token, Reuters reports.

23andMe on the Nasdaq

23andMe's shares rose more than 20 percent following its merger with a special purpose acquisition company, as GenomeWeb has reported.

Science Papers Present GWAS of Brain Structure, System for Controlled Gene Transfer

In Science this week: genome-wide association study ties variants to white matter stricture in the brain, and more.