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New Products: Phalanx Biotech's OneArray microRNA Expression Profiling Microarrays


Phalanx Biotech this week launched its OneArray microRNA expression profiling microarrays. The new chips include content from miRBase release 18 and include 234 more mature microRNA sequences from human, mouse, and rat compared with its last miRNA array, which was launched last August and based on miRBase release 17.

Phalanx offers microRNA microarrays for human, mouse, rat, rice, corn, soybean, grapevine, sorghum, Arabidopsis, and brachypodium. All of its microRNA microarrays feature isothermal probe design and triplicate probe redundancy, the firm said. Custom array design and manufacturing for specific species of interest is also available, according to Phalanx.