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New Products: Olink Bioscience's Proseek Multiplex CVD I 96x96


Olink Bioscience this week launched Proseek Multiplex CVD I 96x96, a new protein biomarker panel for cardiovascular disease.

According to Olink, its new multiplex immunoassay allows the analysis of 92 cardiovascular-related protein biomarkers across 96 samples simultaneously. The assay requires one microliter of sample is required. The panel contains known cardiovascular and inflammatory markers as well as a few exploratory proteins that serve as new cardiovascular markers.

Olink said that the new panel can be run on Fluidigm's BioMark HD System. Using the BioMark HD System with the Proseek Multiplex CVD I 96x96, a researcher can now obtain results for up to 9,216 reactions in just a few hours, the firm said.

BioArray News discussed the new panel and other company developments with its CEO Simon Fredriksson during a recent visit to the firm's base in Uppsala, Sweden (BAN 10/15/2013).