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New Products: NanoString Technologies' nCounter PanCancer Pathways Panel


NanoString Technologies this week launched its nCounter PanCancer Pathways Panel, a highly-multiplexed, digital gene expression assay that enables translational researchers to investigate cancer biology across all major cancer pathways.

From a single tube, the PanCancer Pathways Panel simultaneously analyzes 770 genes associated with all of the key cancer pathways: PI3K, STAT, MAPK, TGFβ, Notch, Hedgehog, Wnt, apoptosis, cell cycle, RAS, chromatin modification, transcriptional regulation, and DNA damage control.

The PanCancer Pathways Panel is designed for use on NanoString's nCounter Analysis System. The assay is based on the firm's technology, which uses color-coded molecular barcodes that can hybridize directly to many different types of target molecules.