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New Products: Asper Biotech's Mitochondrial Diseases Panels


Asper Biotech recently introduced a number of new test panels targeted to mitochondrial diseases. The panels rely on next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, and array comparative genomic hybridization to examine alterations in mitochondrial genes, as well as in nuclear genes, associated with mitochondrial disorders.

Asper, based in Tartu, Estonia, is offering the panels via a genotyping service, which includes genotyping and an electronic copy of the results report; and as a diagnostic package service, which includes DNA extraction, detection of genetic variations, confirmation of disease associated variants by Sanger sequencing, biological and clinical interpretation of disease associated variants by medical doctors, and a final results report by registered mail.

Asper's array CGH-based panel detects deletions and duplications in dozens of select genes related to different mitochondrial diseases and disorders. It has a turnaround time of between four and six weeks. It is available as a genotyping service, priced at €940, and a diagnostic package service, which costs €1,200.

The company's NGS-based test covers the entire coding regions of 133 nuclear genes. Its genotyping service costs €1,300 and has a 13-week turnaround time, while its diagnostic package service costs €1,500 and has a 15-week turnaround time.

Asper is also offering an mtDNA genes sequencing test that relies on Sanger sequencing to analyze a panel of 25 genes. The genotyping service has a turnaround time of between four and six weeks and costs €850, while the diagnostic service package has the same turnaround time and costs €930.

The company will also provide Sanger sequencing of the mitochondrial genome. The genotyping service has a turnaround time of between four and six weeks and costs €990, and the diagnostic services package costs €1,100, with the same turnaround time.

According to Asper, individuals who order all four tests can receive a 10 percent discount on the total cost. More information about the new mitochondrial testing panels is available here.

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