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New Product Watch: May 17, 2011


Fluidigm this week launched its 192.24 Dynamic Array IFC. The integrated fluidic circuit is designed to genotype 192 samples against 24 SNP assays in a single run, providing 4,608 data points. The firm said the new biochip has applicability in agricultural biotechnology and genome-wide association studies.

The new chip can be read using either the BioMark HD or EP1 systems. Fluidigm also said that customers can run its custom built SNPtype assays on the chip.

LC Sciences last week updated its microRNA microarrays to contain content from version 17 of miRBase, the public microRNA sequence database hosted by the University of Manchester in the UK.

This miRBase release includes the addition of close to 2,400 experimentally verified newly identified miRNA sequences as well as "large additions of deep sequencing data" that reveal information about individual miRNA sequence isoforms, LC Sciences said. The numbers represent a 43 percent increase in the number of unique human miRNA sequences, the firm added.

Houston, Texas-based LC Sciences said it was able to make the new miRNA microarrays available using its µParaFlo microfluidics on-chip synthesis platform, which allows made-to-order microarrays to be produced on demand.

Arrayjet has launched custom microarray services. The Roslin, UK-based company introduced the new services due to customer demand, Duncan Hall, Arrayjet's commercial director, said in a statement.

"Customers can initially work with us on assay development and custom microarray printing, before electing to take control of production in their own facility when they are ready; Arrayjet will then transfer the entire production solution as part of the service," said Hall.

Hall discussed the rollout of the firm's services with BioArray News earlier this year (BAN 2/15/2011).

Randox Laboratories recently introduced its Quantiplasma Array. The monoclonal antibody microarray is designed to monitor the level of multiple proteins simultaneously in human plasma, according to the Crumlin, UK-based firm.

Each kit contains 300 unique monoclonal antibodies. Using the Quantiplasma Array with Randox's Biochip Array Technology Analyzer platform, it is possible to assess the plasma proteome dynamics of normal and disease state plasma samples for identification of novel biomarkers, the company said.