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New Product Watch: Aug 24, 2010


Arrayit recently updated its product catalogue to include 128 new products. Among the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based firm's new offerings are:

3 Series Microarray Substrate Slides: silicon dioxide glass surfaces in dimensions of 25 mm x 76 mm x 1 mm that support amine, aldehyde, epoxy, and streptavidin surface chemistries. The new substrates are also available in custom sizes.

SuperMask Substrates: Support the processing and analysis of between 16 and 192 samples on the company's 25 x 76 mm hydrophobic glass substrate slides for high-throughput gene expression, genotyping and protein profiling applications. According to the firm, the SuperMask Substrates are available with clean, amine, aldehyde, and epoxy surface chemistries.

VIP Genotyping Packages: a multi-patient genotyping platform that enables customers to screen as many as 100,000 patients on a single array, using two-color fluorescent labeling and detection.

Whole Cell Microarray Printing Pins: Arrayit's new printing pins have 100- or 500-nanometer wide uptake channels to print intact human, fungal and bacterial cells, whole cells, beads and other macromolecules into microarrays.