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New Product Watch: Jul 27, 2010


Affymetrix has launched QuantiGene ViewRNA Assay formats to support in situ multiplex gene expression analysis.

According to Affy, its branched DNA-based QuantiGene ViewRNA Assays quantitate gene expression while localizing RNA trafficking within the cell at the single-copy level. The five-hour QuantiGene ViewRNA Assay is capable of multiplex gene expression in 96- or 384-well formats for high-throughput phenotypic and reporter gene compound screening.

Affy now also offers a single-plex tissue assay that the firm said can be considered an alternative to immunohistochemistry. Affy said its tissue assay can detect genes in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded or cryogenic tissue sections.

QuantiGene ViewRNA Assays can also be used in a number of other applications, including quantifying target mRNA following RNAi gene silencing; biomarker validation testing; stem cell characterization, differentiation, and quality control; viral host cell interactions; and validating microarray gene expression results, Affymetrix said.

Affymetrix this week also released a data set based on validation of SNPs from the 1000 Genomes Project. The firm said the data will give researchers access to more rare mutations for genome-wide association studies and will enable the design of custom arrays for a variety of applications, including the validation of sequencing results.

Affy has used its Axiom Genotyping Solution to screen millions of SNPs across multiple populations. The data set in the current release includes approximately 500,000 SNPs from the 1000 Genomes Project that have been genotyped across the 270 HapMap samples.

More information about the data set is available on the array vendor's website.

Randox Laboratories this week launched Evidence Evolution, the latest instrument in its Evidence family of immunoassay analyzers. The new system supports the analysis of Randox's menu of protein array assays.

Atlas Biolabs said last week that it has begun offering SNP genotyping services using Sequenom's MassArray Analyzer platform.

MassArray relies on matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry for SNP genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms. Berlin-based Atlas said the system can be used for validating potential biomarkers identified by next-generation sequencing, for fine mapping of genome-wide association study data, and for applications that employ defined SNP panels.

Atlas also offers whole-genome SNP genotyping on the Affymetrix and Illumina platforms.

The Scan

Interfering With Invasive Mussels

The Chicago Tribune reports that researchers are studying whether RNA interference- or CRISPR-based approaches can combat invasive freshwater mussels.

Participation Analysis

A new study finds that women tend to participate less at scientific meetings but that some changes can lead to increased involvement, the Guardian reports.

Right Whales' Decline

A research study plans to use genetic analysis to gain insight into population decline among North American right whales, according to CBC.

Science Papers Tie Rare Mutations to Short Stature, Immunodeficiency; Present Single-Cell Transcriptomics Map

In Science this week: pair of mutations in one gene uncovered in brothers with short stature and immunodeficiency, and more.