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New Product Watch: Feb 23, 2010


Febit this week launched its benchtop HybSelector instrument for high-throughput targeted resequencing.

Unlike Febit's current Geniom RT Analyzer platform, which also supports miRNA-expression profiling and other applications, HybSelector has been designed specifically for processing the firm's HybSelect sequence-capture arrays.

BioArray News spoke with Febit Chief Scientific Officer Peer Stähler about HybSelector in December 2009 (see BAN 12/15/2009).

BioDiscovery this week launched Nexus DB, a repository for storing, querying, and sharing genomic variation data from its Nexus Copy Number software.

The repository provides secure off-site storage to ensure access to all data being generated with automated backup and versioning control, BioDiscovery said. It also provides a means to query results across multiple projects, allowing users to build on their previous or related work. Finally, it facilitates collaborative work by making it possible to access and review data, according to the firm.