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New Product Watch: Jun 9, 2009


Roche NimbleGen last week launched its MS 200 Microarray Scanner.

The new scanner acquires two-color fluorescent array image data down to 2-micron pixel resolution and generates high-quality image files for subsequent data analysis, Roche said. The MS 200 also includes a slide magazine for automated loading of up to 48 microarrays, advanced dynamic autofocus, and auto gain for a bright scan. An integrated barcode reader and ozone reduction features are also included.

The MS 200 is part of Roche NimbleGen's instrumentation workflow, which includes 4-bay and 12-bay hybridization systems, a microarray dryer, and its NimbleScan and SignalMap software.

Febit has integrated components of the InforSense visualization platform into its Geniom microarray system, InforSense said last week.

Under the agreement, Febit has embedded the InforSense platform, workflows and visualizations, into the Geniom instruments.

The InforSense platform provides data analytics and application development capabilities, while the UK informatics company's VisualSense provides interactive, web-based visualization tools. The Geniom is used in target sequence capture before second-generation sequencing projects and in classical transcriptomics applications.

BlueGnome recently introduced Upgrade me, a program for researchers using 2x105,000-feature and 4x44,000-feature oligo arrays in comparative genomic hybridization applications.

According to the UK firm, Upgrade me enables clients using these higher-density chips to improve their data-storage, -analysis, and -interpretation capabilities by working with the firm's bioinformatics team and adopting its BlueFuse Multi software, which combines automated data analysis with a scalable laboratory database and provides a centralized repository around which a laboratory workflow may be planned.