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Microarray-Relevant NIH Grants in Fiscal Year 2005, June 13-Sept. 11, Part II of II

Microarray-Relevant NIH Grants in Fiscal Year 2005, June 13-Sept. 11, Part II of II
Organization Name,
City, State
PI Name Project Title
University of Alabama
at Birmingham
Birmingham, Ala.
Ruden, Douglas QTL and microarray mapping lead sensitivity genes
University of Arizona,
Tuscon, Ariz.
Futscher, Bernard Microarray technology to profile CpG island methylation
University of California, Irvine,
Irvine, Calif.
Cotman, Carl Brain aging & gene expression patterns using microarrays
University of California,
Los Angeles,

Los Angeles
Nelson, Stanley UCLA NHLBI shared microarray facilities
University of California,
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Nelson, Stanley UCLA NINDS/NIMH microarray center
University of California,
San Diego
La Jolla, Calif.
Knowlton, Kirk Molecular pathways for hypertrophy and cardiomyopathy
University of California,
San Francisco,
San Francisco
Erle, David Shared microarray facility
University of Colorado, Aurora,
Aurora, Colo.
Tabakoff, Boris Gene array technology center for alcohol research
University of Iowa,
Iowa City, IA
Casavant, Thomas NHLBI shared microarray facilities
University of Maryland, College Park,
College Park, MD
Simon, Anne Mechanisms of virus replication and gene expression
University of Miami, School of Medicine,
Coral Gables, Fla.
Tran, Minh Mechanisms of trauma-induced N-cadherin expression
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,
Chapel Hill, NC
Shores, Carol Microarray analysis of HNSCC as a predictor of treatment
University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine,
Oklahoma City
Olson, Ann Mechanisms of regulation of GLUT4 expression
University of Pennsylvania,
Schultz, Richard Gene expression in the preimplantation embryo
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine,
Callaway, Clifton Hypothermia and gene expression after cardiac arrest
University of Rochester,
Rochester, NY
Eickbush, Thomas Retrotransposon expression within ribosomal gene loci
University of Texas, Austin,
Austin, Tex.
Anslyn, Eric Saliva analysis with an array sensor
University of Utah,
Salt Lake City
Parker, Dennis Gradient arrays for high performance extended FOV MRI
University of Washington, Seattle,
Sabath, Daniel Gene expression arrays for mammalian cell biology
Yale University,
New Haven, Conn.
Kozal, Michael Hepatitis C microarrays to detect drug resistance
Yale University,
New Haven, Conn.
Zeiss, Caroline Microarray analysis of retinal degeneration in mice
SOURCE: National Institutes of Health