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Microarray Papers of Note (May — June 2006)

Microarray Papers of Note (May — June 2006)
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.
2006 Jun;385(3):500-17.
Optical technologies for the read out and quality control of DNA and protein microarrays. Schaferling M
Analytical Chemistry.
2006 Jun 1;78(11):3643-50.
Piezo dispensed microarray of multivalent chelating thiols for dissecting complex protein-protein interactions. Klenkar G
Analytical Chemistry.
2006 Jun 15;78(12):4184-93.
Validation of a fully integrated microfluidic array device for influenza A subtype identification and sequencing. Liu RH
Angewandte Chemie International Edition.
2006 May 26;45(22):3607-10.
High-throughput carbohydrate microarray analysis of 24 lectins. Manimala JC
Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
2006 May;72(5):3780-4.
Development and validation of an oligonucleotide microarray for detection of multiple virulence and antimicrobial resistance genes in Escherichia coli. Bruant G
Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.
2006 Jun;130(6):817-22.
Cruella: developing a scalable tissue microarray data management system. Cowan JD
2006 Jun 15;22(12):1538-9.
ArrayCluster: an analytic tool for clustering, data visualization and module finder on gene expression profiles. Yoshida R
2006 May 1;22(9):1147-9.
MACGT: multi-dimensional automated clustering genotyping tool for analysis of microarray-based mini-sequencing data. Walley DC, et al.
2006 May 26;
[Epub ahead of print]
Scanning microarrays at multiple intensities enhances discovery of differentially expressed genes. Skibbe DS, et al.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics.
2006 Jun 17;
[Epub ahead of print]
Direct electrochemical addressing of immunoglobulins: Immuno-chip on screen-printed microarray. Corgier BP, et al.
2006 Jun 20;
[Epub ahead of print]
PLASQ: A generalized linear model-based procedure to determine allelic dosage in cancer cells from SNP array data. Laframboise T, et al.
BMC Bioinformatics.
2006 May 22;7(1):264
Spatial normalization of array-CGH data. Neuvial P, et al.
BMC Genomics.
2006 Jun 12;7(1):144
[Epub ahead of print]
An alternative method to amplify RNA without loss of signal conservation for expression analysis with a Proteinase DNA microarray in the ArrayTube format. Schueler S, et al.
Briefings in Functional Genomics & Proteomics.
2006 May 10;
[Epub ahead of print]
Data merging for integrated microarray and proteomic analysis. Waters KM, et al.
Chemical Communications.
2006 May 28;(20):2118-20.
Polymer microarrays for cellular adhesion. Tourniaire G, et al.
2006 May;7(5):817-26.
Polysaccharide microarrays for polysaccharide-platelet-derived-growth-factor interaction studies. Carion O, et al.
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics.
2006 May;6(3):287-94.
Microelectronic array system for molecular diagnostic genotyping: Nanogen NanoChip 400 and molecular biology workstation. Kim D, et al.
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics.
2006 May;6(3):295-306.
DualChip microarray as a new tool in cancer research. Gillet JP, et al.
Fungal Genetics and Biology.
2006 May;43(5):316-25.
Development of a Fusarium graminearum Affymetrix GeneChip for profiling fungal gene expression in vitro and in planta. Guldener U, et al.
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer.
2006 Jun;45(6):554-64.
Array CGH of fusion gene-positive leukemia-derived cell lines reveals cryptic regions of genomic gain and loss. Horsley SW, et al.
Genome Biology.
2006 May 5;7(5):R37
[Epub ahead of print]
Inferring transcriptional modules from ChIP-chip, motif and microarray data. Lemmens K, et al.
Gynecological and Obstetric Investigation.
2006 Jun 21;62(4):220-225
[Epub ahead of print]
A simple parallel analytical method of prenatal screening. Li D, et al.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology.
2006 Jun;44(6):2025-31.
Development of a sensitive and specific assay combining multiplex PCR and DNA microarray primer extension to detect high-risk mucosal human papillomavirus types. Gheit T, et al.
Journal of Microbiological Methods.
2006 Jun;65(3):390-403.
Rapid bacterial identification using evanescent-waveguide oligonucleotide microarray classification. Francois P, et al.
Journal of Virological Methods.
2006 Jun;134(1-2):36-40.
The effects of different sample labelling methods on signal intensities of a 60-mer diagnostic microarray. Mo XY, et al.
Molecular Cancer.
2006 Jun 19;5(1):24
[Epub ahead of print]
Optimized high-throughput microRNA expression profiling provides novel biomarker assessment of clinical prostate and breast cancer biopsies. Mattie MD, et al.
Mycological Research.
2006 Jun 9;
[Epub ahead of print]
Use of hybridization melting kinetics for detecting Phytophthora species using three-dimensional microarrays: demonstration of a novel concept for the differentiation of detection targets. Anderson N, et al.
New England Journal of Medicine.
2006 Jun 8;354(23):2463-72.
Microarray analysis and tumor classification. Quackenbush J, et al.
Nature Methods.
2006 Jun;3(6):469-74.
SuperSAGE array: the direct use of 26-base-pair transcript tags in oligonucleotide arrays. Matsumura H, et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
2006 Jun 19;
[Epub ahead of print]
Linking DNA-binding proteins to their recognition sequences by using protein microarrays. Ho SW, et al.
2006 Jun 26;
[Epub ahead of print]
A high efficiency cloning and expression system for proteomic analysis. Ding XZ, et al.
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