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Microarray Papers of Note: Jun 8, 2005

Microarray Papers of Note (May)
Analytical Biochemistry 2005 Jun 15;341(2):204-13. Biocompatibility of surfaces for antibody microarrays: design of macroporous silicon substrates. Steinhauer C, et al.
Analytical Biochemistry
2005 Jun 15;341(2):334-43.
Affibody protein capture microarrays: Synthesis and evaluation of random and directed immobilization of affibody molecules. Renberg B, et al.
Analytical Chemistry
2005 May 15;77(10):3243-55.
Ligase detection reaction/hybridization assays using three-dimensional microfluidic networks for the detection of low-abundant DNA point mutations. Hashimoto M, et al.
Assay and Drug Development Technologies
2005 Apr;3(2):177-87.
Nanoliter Homogenous Ultra-High Throughput Screening Microarray for Lead Discoveries and IC(50) Profiling. Ma H, et al.
2005 May 19;
[Epub ahead of print]
CGHAnalyzer: a stand-alone software package for cancer genome analysis using array-based DNA copy number data. Margolin AA, et al.
2005 May 12;
[Epub ahead of print]
[email protected]: a microarray classification benchmarking tool. Pochet NL, et al.
2005 May 6; [Epub ahead of print]
CGHMultiArray: exact p-values for multi-array CGH-data. van de Wiel MA, et al.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
2005 May 16;15(10):2447-51.
Site-specific immobilization of proteins in a microarray using intein-mediated protein splicing. Girish A, et al.
BMC Bioinformatics
2005 May 23;6(1):124
[Epub ahead of print]
arrayCGHbase: an analysis platform for comparative genomic hybridization microarrays. Menten B,
et al.
BMC Bioinformatics
2005 May 16;6(1):120
[Epub ahead of print]
The effects of normalization on the correlation structure of microarray data. Qiu X, et al.
BMC Bioinformatics
2005 May 12;6(1):115
[Epub ahead of print]
Visualization methods for statistical analysis of microarray clusters. Hibbs MA, et al.
BMC Genomics
2005 May 27;6(1):78 [Epub ahead of print]
A new approach for the analysis of bacterial microarray-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization: insights from an empirical study. Taboada EN, et al.
BMC Genomics
2005 May 11;6(1):71 [Epub ahead of print]
A study of inter-lab and inter-platform agreement of DNA microarray data. Wang H, et al.
BMC Genomics
2005 May 5;6(1):63.
Three microarray platforms: an analysis of their concordance in profiling gene expression. Petersen D, et al.
BMC Genomics
2005 May 4;6(1):61.
Comparison of standard exponential and linear techniques to amplify small cDNA samples for microarrays. Wadenback J, et al.
Chromosome Research
Applications of DNA tiling arrays to experimental genome annotation and regulatory pathway discovery. Bertone P, et al
Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development
2005 May;8(3):347-54.
Biochip platforms as functional genomics tools for drug discovery. Wick I, Hardiman G
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology
2005 Jun;14(2):65-71.
Tumor Heterogeneity Affects the Precision of Microarray Analysis. O'sullivan M, et al.
Drug Discovery Today
2005 May 15;10(10):675-7.
How can data quality and automation enhance confidence in microarray data? Chrimes D
Experimental & Molecular Medicine
2005 Apr 30;37(2):71-7.
Analysis of the factors affecting the accuracy of detection for single base alterations by oligonucleotide microarray. Liu S, et al.
Genome Research
2005 May;15(5):724-36.
Classification of a large microarray data set: algorithm comparison and analysis of drug signatures. Natsoulis G, et al.
Journal of Biotechnology
2005 May 13;
[Epub ahead of print]
Optimising two-dye microarray designs for estimating associations with a quantitative trait. Horgan GW
Journal of Computational Biology
2005 May;12(4):391-407.
Bayesian normalization and identification for differential gene expression data. Zhang D, et al.
Lab Chip
2005 Jun;5(6):675-81.
Epub 2005 Apr 27.
Fast and reliable protein microarray production by a new drop-in-drop technique. Gutmann O, et al.
Nucleic Acids Research
2005 May 23;33(9):2952-61.
CpG Island microarray probe sequences derived from a physical library are representative of CpG Islands annotated on the human genome. Heisler LE, et al.
Nucleic Acids Research
2005 May 24;33(9):e84.
Sequence dependence of cross-hybridization on short oligo microarrays. Wu C, et al.
Nucleic Acids Research
2005 May 3;33(8):e75.
In situ oligonucleotide synthesis on poly(dimethylsiloxane): a flexible substrate for microarray fabrication. Moorcroft MJ, et al.
2005 Mar;6(2):185-92.
Systems biology in drug safety and metabolism: integration of microarray, real-time PCR and enzyme approaches. Yengi LG.
2005 May 11;
[Epub ahead of print]
Protein microarrays for antibody profiling: Specificity and affinity determination on a chip. Poetz O, et al.
2005 May 4;
[Epub ahead of print]
A novel approach to protein expression profiling using antibody microarrays combined with surface plasmon resonance technology. Usui-Aoki K, et al.
The Scan

Guidelines for Ancient DNA Work

More than two dozen researchers have developed new ethical guidelines for conducting ancient DNA research, which they present in Nature.

And Cleared

A UK regulator has cleared former UK Prime Minister David Cameron in concerns he should have registered as a consultant-lobbyist for his work with Illumina, according to the Financial Times.

Suit Over Allegations

The Boston Globe reports that David Sabatini, who was placed on leave from MIT after allegations of sexual harassment, is suing his accuser, the Whitehead Institute, and the institute's director.

Nature Papers on Esophageal Cancer, Origin of Modern Horses, Exome Sequencing of UK Biobank Participants

In Nature this week: genetic and environmental influences of esophageal cancer, domestic horse origin traced to Western Eurasian steppes, and more.