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Micrel, Corning, Nanosphere


Micrel of San Jose, Calif., received US Patent No. 6,711,046, “Programmable optical array.” The patent covers a set of programmable semiconductor elements, such as Zener diodes, used in an optical array. The elements are formed on a substrate surface and selectively programmed to create a reflective filament between anode and cathode contacts of the diodes. Light is then applied to the surface. The reflected (or transmitted) light pattern may be used for conveying optical information or exposing a photoresist layer. The array may be used to selectively expose a photoresist layer, or to determine the genes expressed in a biochip device.

Corning received US Patent No. 6,710,877, “Apparatus and methods for determining biomolecular interactions.” The patent covers a set of methods, apparatus, and substrates for the detection of reactions between biomolecules or cells and a second compound. The invention detects interactions between ligands and receptors by detecting a diffusion of a species within a sensing area. Absorbance detection and diffraction sensors are utilized to monitor the rate of diffusion from the sensing area.

Nanosphere received US Patent No. 6,709,825, “Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefore.” The patent covers the use of nanoparticles with oligonucleotides attached for detecting complementary sequences of nucleic acids. Detectable change is created through hybridization of the oligos to nucleic acid. The patent also describes ways to sysnthesize nanoparticle oligonucleotides, and separate selected nucleic acid from other nucleic acids.

The Scan

Boosters Chasing Variants

The New York Times reports that an FDA advisory panel is to weigh updated booster vaccines for COVID-19.

Not Yet

The World Health Organization says monkeypox is not yet a global emergency, the Washington Post reports.

More Proposed for Federal Research

Science reports that US House of Representatives panels are seeking to increase federal research funding.

PLOS Papers on Breast Cancer Metastasis, Left-Sided Cardiac Defects, SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring

In PLOS this week: link between breast cancer metastasis and CLIC4, sequencing analysis of left-sided cardiac defects, and more.