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Michael Monko, Kreatech Biotechnology


People in the News

Serologicals last week named Michael Monko as vice president of sales for its research products segment, the company said.

Monko previously held senior sales positions at Invitrogen. He holds an MBA from Babson College and a BS in biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire.

New Products

Kreatech Biotechnology last week launched its series of PlatinumBright nucleic acid labeling kits that offer its Universal Linkage System labeling molecule bound to a choice of fluorescent dyes, or haptens, and the company's KREApure purification columns, which remove unreacted dye while yielding sample recovery independent of fragment length, Kreatech said.

The company recommended PlatinumBright for fluorescent in situ hybridization applications, filter hybridizations such as northern blots, southern blots, spot blots and dot blot hybridizations, as well as for use with tissue arrays and chIP-on-chip experiments.


In last week's article, entitled "Arrayjet Adding Features to Flagship Printer as Commercialization Continues," Arrayjet's technical director Howard Manning was misidentified as the UK firm's technical advisor. Also, Peter Ghazal is not Arrayjet's chief scientific officer, but its chief scientific advisor.

In addition, the company will begin shipping its Low Volume 12 Sample Connector Block starting September 1, rather than the "Volume 12 Sample Connector Block" named in the piece. The firm uses the block to enable samples to be loaded into the firm's piezo-electric inkjet print head. Finally, the company said the new components do not affect the readiness of its product, and that it is seeking distribution partners in the United States.

The Scan

UK Funds to Stay Ahead of Variants

The UK has announced a further £29.3 million to stay on top of SARS-CoV-2 variants, the Guardian reports.

Push for Access

In a letter, researchers in India seek easier access to COVID-19 data, Science reports.

Not as Cold

Late-stage trial results are expected soon for an RNA-based vaccine that could help meet global demand as it does not require very cold storage, the New York Times writes.

Genome Research Papers on Microbes' Effects on Host Transfer RNA, Honeybee Evolution, Single-Cell Histones

In Genome Research this week: influence of microbes on transfer RNA patterns, evolutionary relationships of honeybees, and more.